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My Journey

I have been telling stories since I was old enough to blame the missing cookies on the wizards and dragons under my bed. Not much has changed, only now I write out my stories, grappling with elusive words in a language nobody can agree on how it should be written—and loving every moment! I am overwhelmed with excitement from the privilege to share my work with a large and welcoming audience.

Get in touch to discover what she is up to, and for a glimpse into her mind as she pushes her endeavors ever forward. 

Immortal Essence

Coming Soon!

The second book in the Far from Home series is almost done! I just have to do a billion edits and proofread it a couple of dozen times. I will keep everyone up to date on the progress and try to limit any spoilers :-P

The roaring drove was silenced in an instant, so quiet that the cat in the window could be heard letting a puff of gas leak from its rear.

Niki Bright, Immortal Essence

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