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I have been telling stories since I was old enough to blame the missing cookies on the wizards and dragons under my bed. Not much has changed, only now I write out my stories, grappling with elusive words in a language nobody can agree on how it should be written—and loving every moment! I am overwhelmed with excitement from the privilege to share my work with a large and welcoming audience.

Get in touch to discover what she is up to, and for a glimpse into her mind as she pushes her endeavors ever forward. 

First Oracle

First Oracle

Just finished working on a book with Mary Cook! She is such an amazing author with an insane work ethic. It's no surprise that she is able to produce so many high-quality books in such a short amount of time. I am going to be working with her quite a bit from now on. We are going to put on an amazing epic series that takes place in the world of Nogatha. 

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“Well, that’s difficult to answer. Getting free was easy. Once all my skin was gone, the meaty bits that held me together were quick to follow. My lower half disappeared into the wood line within an hour. Maybe? It was difficult to judge the passing of time. Once I was free from my legs, I tried to stuff my innards back inside. They kept spilling back out, so I gave up and tried to crawl off to find help.

Niki Bright, First Oracle

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