A Beautiful day to be free...

We, who are free, take our freedom as a birthright. If we somehow choose to remember the distant past, we find a way to compartmentalize it as something that doesn't concern us. It didn't involve us. We had nothing to do with it. But that's all a lie. The truth is that we are not free. We have never known true freedom. We are all prisoners, servants of what’s "Socially Acceptable”, our modern-day bully. We cannot go against the grain, or we risk catching the bullies wandering gaze. He will find us, and demand we do what he says, because he is right, and we are not.

Would you love me if I loved you? Would you still love me if I didn't want to be like you? Would I love you if you didn't want to be like me?

I can't please you. I can't please me. I can only say I did what I did because it felt true.

You can do what you do, and I will let you be. All I ask is for you is to do the same for me.

Let me watch the worlds unseen. Recording it all as best I can. I will miss more than I don't; I could never capture it all! But what I do jot down will be enough for me. For in my world, we are all free.

Such a beautiful day to be with you!

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