Pre-order now. Last Chance!

I guess you don't really get much, aside from being the first to read about the amazing adventures of Nicolaté and Keynis, if you pre-order the book. But what I can give you is my gratitude! You'll be making such a difference in my life by supporting my dream. People just don't realize how hard it is for a writer to spend thousands of hours pounding away on their keyboard (and even more proofing their document), just to have it sit on Amazon untouched. Insult to injury is when "friends" ask for free copies. Is my work worth nothing to you?

If you don't like to read, I understand. I don't even like to read lol. But if you would be so kind, please pass on this information to someone who does. Someone who enjoys wholesome humor, dragons and shenanigans, with a healthy mix of serious, and a few moments of sadness.

Love you all, and God Bless!

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